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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 4 Sep 2012
How to Tackle Negative Marking in entrance Exams

How to tackle Negative marking in Entrance Exam:

How to Tackle Negative Marking in entrance Exams

  • If you want to tackle the negative marking in entrance exam then be familiar with the exam pattern. It means you have to get all the information about exam pattern and this information you can get easily from the internet. You should know the Number of questions, Time Limit, Expected Cut-off marks, Number of attempts required with a fair bit of accuracy.
  • Every student knows his/her strong points. You can allocate time for yourself as to how much time is to be devoted to the particular sections. This would avoid you coming in the temptation of doing more than required question in any particular section because this would generally increase your chances of making mistakes and inviting more negative.
  • Just be familiar with formulas, short cut methods, theorems and all the necessary information. You can’t just afford to make guesses in the exam.
  • No one will tell the correct answer so if you continue to go by that approach, be mentally prepared for a disaster. Believe on yourself, be confident and choose the answer.
  • Before solving the question paper first read all paper and then mark on the easy question. It will help you to solve question speedily.
  • When you get the paper don't become panic and stress. This can lead you to this mistake. While you think you marked a correct option, the result may be a little different than what you anticipated. Before mark any options, just check and then mark.
  • When you mark any answer, first confirmed about that answer and then mark. But some time students erase and change the answer on sheet. Sometimes when it will not completely erased, it can be detected by the machine checking and it will affect on your sheet resulting in Negative Marking, Hence don’t keep erasing and changing your answers.
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