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Way2k 8 Aug 2012
Gerontology Courses

In the modern times, social welfare has extended far beyond healthcare and has come to include several specialisations, to cover all aspects of human life from birth to death. In this regard, caring for elderly people is relatively new area of study in India.

Gerontology Courses

Gerontology is an upcoming, specialised field and many institutes in India have started offering this subject. Gerontology courses which deals with the study of the biomedical, psychological, behavioural, social and political aspects associated with the process of ageing which may have an adverse impact on the welfare of old people. A person professionally qualified in geriatric nursing care is known as a gerontologist. The government has acknowledged the importance of such courses along with making provision for one old-age home (with as many as 150 inmates per home) in each district of India.

Courses Offered:

  •     Post graduate diploma in gerontology
  •     Certificate course in gerontology
  •     One year diploma course in gerontology

Eligibility: Candidate must be a graduate of any discipline to apply for admission to gerontology course.

Scope of Gerontology:
As the number of people over sixty five continues to rise, understanding the mechanism of aging and age-related diseases has become a matter of urgency. Recent research on clinical problems of aging and practical applications of laboratory results is also included to support the fundamental goals of extending active life and enhancing its quality. Clinical papers discuss aetiology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of diseases in old age. In particular, aspects of cardiology, immunology and infectious diseases are of interest. Behavior in old age is considered in a special section. The new editors have also created a section dealing with technological devices for the elderly. So gerontology course will be fruitful career options for those have interest in medical field.

Job Prospects:

  •     Research gerontologists.
  •     Administrative gerontologists.
  •     Applied gerontologists.
  •     Health care gerontology professionals.
  •     Leisure and recreation gerontology professionals.

List of Institutes for Gerontology in India:

  1.     Institute of Home Economics (IHE)
  2.     Atmiya Institute of Gerontology
  3.     National Institute of Social Defence (NISD)
  4.     Tata Institutes of Social Sciences(TISS)

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