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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 28 Aug 2012
Advantages of Social Networking Sites

Decades ago, these questions would be very unfamiliar to all but today they are the order of the day. An advantage of social networking sites is such that from school students to business professionals everyone is glued to it.

Advantages Of Social Networking
Orkut and Facebook are one of the most reputed social networking sites. There is a misconception that Orkut and Facebook have more disadvantages than advantages. Be it Orkut, Facebook or any other social-networking sites, its benefits and drawbacks depends largely on us-the users-how we make use of them. They are of immense importance in today's fast moving life, provided they are used it in a productive way.

Let’s have a look at the services provided by networking sites:

1.Communities: Communities are the best services provided by Orkut, Facebook and the alike. Communities are used to bring like-minded people together. Business people can find their target audience in particular communities. Communities help in developing interaction amongst the members and a network is built within the members of that particular community. For instance, people create communities in the name of their school to share their old school-day memories and stay in touch with their childhood friends. Likewise, communities are created and grouped under varied topics such as food, hobbies and crafts, games, culture, travel, fashion and beauty etc.

2.Promotes Business: Business people can find their target audience in communities. For example, those people who are interested in e-shopping can find communities defining their needs and wants. They can sell or purchase products and can drop messages explaining the services offered. Business persons should make sure that they post their messages only to those people who are interested in the offered services. Promotion is specially designed for helping people to advertise their products, to create traffic to their site, perform rental or sales activities etc.

3.Find a Suitable Job: There are communities where "work-from-home" jobs are posted on a daily basis. Information on walk-ins and positions vacant in reputed concerns are also posted which are very helpful for the users. Companies and contractors are constantly looking out for freelancers in the social media sites. The job-seekers get to know about the job opportunities that match their profile. There are possibilities of some fraudulent jobs posted with the intention of getting personal information of users. So, users must get registered to those "work-from-home" opportunities only after a thorough examination about the job offered and the source.

4.For Education & Institutes: Students who wish to join an institution can get all related information through communities of social networking sites that exist in the name of that institution. They have the opportunity to interact with the past and present students of the institution. There are users on the networking sites who are familiar with tech- certifications and can advice other users who seek their advice for technical certifications and careers.

5.Get News Updates: Once the users join a community that interests them, they can get news updates through forums. For instance, users who join the community for mechanical engineers can get all the news related to Mechanical Engineering. The user can access updates comprising symposiums, workshops conducted, new technology innovation in mechanical engineering and any relevant information.

It is beyond the scope of this article to list out or discuss all the advantages of social networking sites like that of Orkut, Facebook. One has to admit the fact that people cannot make the best possible use of the enterprising facility because of some frauds who are misusing them. However, the networking sites have provided all possible means for the users to stay away from those frauds. It can be concluded that these sites are a great boon to its users, when used in genuinely.

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