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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 28 Aug 2012
What’s your Priority?Board Exams or Cricket World Cup

How does it feel to have the entire universe conspire against you? For the answer, ask any Class 10 or 12 students who will have to miss the Cricket World Cup 2011 as the dates overlap with the State and Central Board Exams. Even parents are very strict and have declared that there will be no match for their wards...

 What's your Priority

But if we conduct a poll among Indian students and ask them to come up with one option between ICC cricket world cup and Board Exam then World Cup would be the obvious choice. Especially this World Cup is going to be a unique experience for all the cricket lovers as there will be lot of innovations this time with 14 teams on board. The best part is that it is going to be held in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The competition is going to be exciting with the presence of biggies like India, Australia, Sri Lanka, England, South Africa and Pakistan. I am sure you will be waiting for a Mahasangram between India and Pakistan.

A survey shows that the mega event would impact the studies of students as the games will take place around the same time of their final examinations. 85% of Indian students study during the month of March for their exams.

Students are curious and bound to watch the world cup. But the question is – How would you manage studies in the midst of the world cup? According to a new review system, umpire's decision can be challenged and a player gets another chance to prove himself. But In case of Board Exams no such review system exists and you would have to wait for another year for 2nd chance.
I know every student wants to clear the Board Exam as well as enjoy the Cricket World Cup. So let me suggest some points that my guardians suggested and which helped me manage my Board Exams while enjoying the Cricket World Cup.

  • Manage your dinner time as per the timing of Highlights.
  • Enjoy the match between the study breaks.
  • Watch only interesting matches between strong teams like India Vs Australia. Don't waste your time with low scoring, boring matches.
  • Avoid watching qualifying matches. Instead of whole match go through the core updates.
  • Once you are done with Board Exam which extends to 20th march, you will have full time to enjoy the quarter final matches from 23rd march onwards without any exam stress or tension about the result.

And keep in mind that you can always watch the matches on internet or on a VCD even after the world cup is over, but it will cost you a year if you fail to clear the board exam.
Well, it seems to be a crucial time for Indian team and also for India students. Hope that India wins the world cup and students clear their board exam with flying colors!

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