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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 28 Aug 2012
Diet Plan for Healthy Body and Mind

A balanced diet consisting of healthy food is the key to good health. Next time whenever you feel like eating junk food think about all the ill effects on health. This would probably help you stop eating. Always remember that to eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art!

Diet Plan for Healthy Body and Mind
Research tells us that young people who don’t take breakfast demonstrate a 20% – 40% reduction in thinking skills (e.g. concentration, alertness and memorising). Healthy breakfast beginning of a healthy day.

Here is a simple diet plan for healthy body and mind : 
What should you have in your breakfast?

  • Juice
  • Milk
  • Corn Flakes, oats
  • Eggs
  • Fruits
  • Sandwich

What should you avoid during breakfast?

  • Cold drinks
  • Junk food(Pizza, Pasta, Burger etc)
  • Hot chips
  • Fried Food

Eat a lunch that keeps you healthy 

Dos :

Keep each meal light, as heavy dishes will make you drowsy.
Lunch tips :

  • Sustain your energy with cereal.
  • Enjoy raw oats that has fruit, sugar added in it.
  • Have fruits after your lunch.
  • Include a salad in lunch if possible.
  • Have vegetables regularly. Don't avoid them as they give you all the necessary vitamins.
  • Start drinking eight glasses of water daily. None of your body parts, from your brain to your toes, work well without adequate hydration.

Don't :

  • Avoid white bread or sandwiches with lots of cheese and mayo.
  • Don’t have only cheese and tomato or jam.
  • Avoid sugar cereals as they only last one hour before you feel hungry again.

What to have in dinner?

  1. vegetables and roti.
  2. Have little rice if you are not planning to study in night.
  3. Have salad.
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