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Interest Test Solve your Doubts Cut-off Personalized Counselling
By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 11 Oct 2012
Psychometric Test

Psychometric test is one of the best counselling tools that measures student’s aptitude, IQ, personality traits and interest. Students are often confused about course options. Career counselling enables the student to take right career decision based on his abilities, interests and personality traits. In this process, interest test plays an important role.

Psychometric Test

There are various psychometric tests which measure student’s interest area, aptitude, IQ, personality traits, emotional stability and attitude.

Interest test is most important test which finds out student’s interest area. Students have two types of interest – first is ‘superficial interest’ and second is ‘insight interest’. Most of the students are not aware about their exact interest area. Many factors have an impact on student’s interest – such as peer groups, parents, ongoing trends etc. That is called student’s superficial interest. Insight interest, which is referred as student’s real interest is very important to find out student’s real inclination. Interest test helps to search insight interest area of students.

Success in the career depends on aptitude and interest. Where there is interest, there is involvement and motivation. And this precisely is what encourages a student to put greater efforts in his studies which results in success.

Way2k provides free online interest test which helps students to know their exact interest area. There are 10 interest tests available online on for various courses. These online tests are totally free of cost for students. If students appear for an interest test, counselor guides them on the basis of the result of the test. is great platform for students where they can find out their exact interest through free interest test and also get free guidance from the counsellor.

To know your interest areas please appear this free Interest Test interest test.


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