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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 6 Oct 2012
What if I forget ans in board exam?

It is just four days to the crucial three hours which will decide the future of class X or XII students. Stress is on a high as preparation enters the final phase. So, the mantra at the eleventh hour is keep mounting pressure at bay to reap the fruits of your hard work. Don’t spoil your sleep or skip meals. Sound mind is a pre-condition to success. A good sleep and proper diet enhances candidates’ performance, says Dr. Bhavesh Lakdawala, assistant professor of psychiatry, coordinator, Civil Hospital helpline. Everyone is unique in one or other respect. Don’t compare yourself with others. Half of your tension will vanish if you stop looking at others. Also, keep aside all your result worries, Lakdawala’s advice to board aspirants.

What if I forget ans in board exam?

The helpline run by Civil Hospital has so far received 750 calls of which 60 per cent calls have been made by class XII students. A majority of students complain that they tend to forget answers during exam. This is mainly due to stress and lack of confidence. A few minutes breathing exercise can help check the stress, he says. Students often follow their friends. But if they start referring new books their friends or classmates have been following for months, it will only add to tension and frustration. So the best policy is to stick to your books and strategies. Just revise what you have prepared and relax, says the doctor.

Most parents link their wards performance with their status. Parents should support their kids. Don’t bring pressure on them. Also, never compare your child with anyone else, says Lakdawala. Parents of a class XII student of Science stream from Vadodara made a frantic call at the helpline and said that his may succumb to exam pressure and commit suicide. I told them to immediately take the boy to the nearest psychiatrist. The boy thinks that his poor performance would bring disgrace to the family. The teen urgently needs medication and counselling, he says.

Gujarat Board helpline is also flooded with calls from students and parents. The board has so far received 2,258 calls between February 22 and 28. Most students raise queries regarding board exams. Some of them are also about the mistakes in the exam receipts and board centres. We also get phones from parents about how to keep their children stress-free, says a board official.

Courtesy: Times of India

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