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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 6 Oct 2012
Mass Distribution of leaked paper

These are all confirmed questions; please do not leave any questions. This message was part of an SMS, the contents of which listed all the theory questions that the sender claimed were guaranteed to appear in the final-year commerce exam paper in Marketing and Human Resource Management, held on 28th March, Wednesday. When T.Y. students got the message some received it hours before the paper, others on Tuesday, 27th March, their immediate reaction was one of scepticism. But even those who took it with a pinch of salt made it a point to revise the answers to those questions just in case. At 11.00 am, when students entered the exam hall and received the paper, they were shocked. Every theory question in the SMS was printed in the official paper they were holding in their hands.

Mass Distribution of leaked paper

So did Wednesdays, 28th March 2012 Marketing & HRM question paper leak to add to the confusion, many students have received another chain message with important questions for 29th March, Thursday’s paper on Export Marketing. Mumbai University officials have denied both the leaks and rubbished them as rumours. But many of the 70,000 students, who took the Marketing & HRM paper, said that the chain message was not limited to SMSes: “They were doing the rounds on Blackberry messenger and WatsApp messenger.

Former senate member Parag Vedak who received the SMS 30 minutes before the exam was about to begin said he showed the message to varsity officials, but claimed they refused to take it seriously. A student from a college in the western suburbs said: We were surprised to find that most of the questions we got matched those in the paper. Students who followed the message would have successfully attempted 45 marks out of the 60-mark paper. I got the message at 6.30 pm, Tuesday, on WatsApp. Another student said “the paper had objective type questions of 15 marks, which are easy to score. The SMS had all the theory questions. It is not fair to students who have studied sincerely for the exam”.

Madhu Nair, dean of commerce, claimed that only 60% of the questions asked in the paper were similar to the questions in the text message. After ten years of teaching, anybody can predict 60% of the questions. We will have to check the exact sentences that were framed. As of now, we don’t believe it to be a leak. But a student told TOI: Questions in the SMS were numbered with sub-questions and the paper code, which made it look all the more authentic. The sequence of the questions in the paper was almost similar, if not the same. The in-charge controller of examination, S. M. Suryawanshi, denied that it was a leak.

Now, new SMS gives main questions for 29th March’s paper:
Students have received another chain SMS message with important questions for today’s paper on Export Marketing. Officials at the University of Mumbai denied both the leaks and rubbished them as rumours.

Question paper on Wednesday, final year commerce student, they sat for the marketing and human resources management paper. Below are essay types of question in the official paper.


  1. What is marketing Explain its features and importance.
  2. Discuss in detail different types of employment tests and interviews


  1. Explain the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in today’s business world.
  2. What is pricing Explain the factors influencing pricing?
  3. Explain the factors influencing channel discussions.
  4. What is Green Marketing Explain its significance?


  1. What is training Explain the importance of training and development.
  2. Explain in detail Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory.
  3. What is Human resources audit Explain its objectives.
  4. Bring out the importance of safety and security management.

Questions released before the paper, but between Tuesday and Wednesday, the following text message was received by many students

Q1. Meaning and importance and features of marketing

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  2. Pricing
  3. Green Marketing


  1. Maslow’s theory
  2. Training and development

Comment by the person: “Hey, these are all confirmed questions, please do not leave any questions”

Courtesy: Times of India

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