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Way2k 6 Oct 2012
DU: Opens Institute of Lifelong Learning

Delhi University's (DU) Institute of Lifelong Learning (ILLL) is opening doors for students to access quality material through the ILLL portal online. The material is likely to be available from June 15. "This is in line with the vice-chancellor's vision of making education for all a reality. By using technology for the benefit of students, the ILLL portal will also help in making the meta-college / university a success as it will operate in a virtual space.

DU: Opens Institute of Lifelong Learning

Students will be able to make use of the flexibility and innovation that is possible in such a domain. Delhi University has a mix of colleges — the brands and the lesser known ones. Why should students from such colleges be deprived of quality study material? Also, why students from any part of India should be denied quality study material?" says Madan.

M. Chaturvedi, director, Institute of Lifelong Learning. Earlier, North and South Campus had different ILLL portals, but they will be merged to provide a virtual learning environment for all. The portal will be hosted in the DU domain. The ILLL's website ( will be more student-friendly. Informing about the changes that have been introduced on the ILLL website, Chaturvedi says that three major changes have been made.

"Earlier, limited access was provided to students for accessing the material online. Students who had a username and password could access the material, but now, any student from any part of the country/ world can access quality material freely." Secondly, he adds, students so far had difficulty in searching for content, but now, proper indexing has been done and students will be able to find the material by typing keywords.

Thirdly, students now will be able to download the content through the PDF format and save it. This will help students to study at their own pace. ILLL is also working on creating video-based real classroom lectures, which can be downloaded by students. In terms of the material available online on the ILLL website, teachers will be able to make more changes.

"We have never really paid much attention to the course material earlier. As a result, things like intellectual property right, copyright and plagiarism were ignored. As the syllabus is changing and evolving, we also have to keep up with the times. Through the ILLL portal, course writers of the materials will be able to make changes on their own, from their department. They would not need to physically come to ILLL to make the changes." Saumanyu Satpathy, joint director, ILLL, further explains that every faculty member from all the colleges will be ICT-trained over a period of a year.

In due course of time, students / faculty will be able to upload the assignments and thesis from their department, which will be scrutinised by a new software-TURNITIN to check the originality of the assignment or thesis. This software has an exhaustive database against which the assignment will be compared to in terms of originality. "This will help our students come up with original research work and assignments," concludes Satpathy.

Courtesy: Times of India


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