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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 6 Oct 2012
The need for career guidance

 Why do students need career guidance Firstly, our education system is a mass education one. Therefore, evaluation is done based on a particular format for example, class or grades. All of a person's future is based on this. We know that this is not fool-proof or objective. It does not bring out one's strengths or weaknesses. That's where career guidance comes in useful. We must also consider parental attitudes, fuelled by different needs. Some parents want a better life for their children, so they urge them to join certain courses.

The need for career guidance

There are others who say, `I want my son / daughter to be a doctor, because I never had the chance to become one. They foist their dreams on their children. Also, there are parents who are doctors, for example, who say, I am a doctor, I want my child to be a doctor. Another aspect to consider are factors like the IT revolution, for example. IT jobs have come to mean more money, a better life. That attracts youth to IT jobs, end masse, whether they are suited to them or not. Career guidance can help them choose wisely. Looking at the situation from an employers' point of view, we know that employers find students qualified but not employable.

Such a situation calls for career guidance. Also, students may excel at a certain course, but when they join work, they realise that the field is not their cup of tea. This explains why there are people who take up non-domain courses. For example, doctors who are not cut out for the career may join the IAS. Or they may have become doctors without ever ascertaining whether they are cut out for medicine. They may realise that there is a mismatch, much too late. Career guidance can help avoid such mistakes.
Levels at which career guidance can work
At an individual level, a career counsellor checks your interest and looks as to whether it corroborates with the aptitude (since mere interest is not enough). At the institutional level, career guidance helps students decide what course to take up. Career guidance can help identify the gaps in a person’s employability so that appropriate training can be given.

Courtesy: Times of India

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