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Way2k 5 Oct 2012
Universities may introduce same courses

In was an attempt to provide students the freedom to choose what they want to study according to their interests and abilities. However, choice-based credit system in the state has turned into a hindrance than a boon for students. With each varsity implementing the system as per their knowledge and convenience, it is becoming tough for students to choose their desired courses or get into preferred universities due to difference in credits allotted to subjects. Taking note of this, the higher education department has decided to streamline the system offered by universities here.

Universities may introduce same courses

In a recent meeting of department officials and vice-chancellors of state universities held at Ahmedabad Management Association, it was decided that all universities will try to adopt syllabus which is more or less equal in content and quality so that there is less discrepancy in the quality of education imparted. It will also fix the credits for each course to prevent confusion. The VCs will meet again in the first week of July to tally courses and credits. As part of the system, students are allowed to choose from a list of shortlisted topics from all three faculties and have to earn credits for each semester. Each university has decided on subjects they want to offer as part of the system.

The credits are earned through presentation, group discussions, lectures and a series of other academic activities throughout the semester. This system, introduced to ensure that standard of education in local universities is improved, was implemented in phases in the state. Sardar Patel University in Anand and Saurashtra University in Rajkot were the first to set up the system. The universities modified existing courses and fixed credits arbitrarily. Currently, B.Sc course attracts 160 points in Sardar Patel University and only 144 points in Kutch University.

This creates a problem when a student has to shift to another university or take up another course. Even the course components and schedule differ. What is taught in the first semester at one university is taught in the second semester at another varsity, said an official. Shashi Ranjan Yadav, VC of Kutch University, said, A private varsity in Ahmedabad follows the trimester system. And its credit does not match ours. When their students try to gain admission in our university, it ends up being a great hassle for everyone involved. If the credits and courses are the same, the process becomes very smooth.

Mukul Shah, incharge VC of Gujarat University, said, All VCs had a healthy discussion on streamlining courses and credits so that students do not find it tough to gain admissions. It also eases administrative hassles. We also discussed the courses that each varsity offers. If there are some special courses that a particular varsity offers, it can distribute the course and study material to other institutes that want to offer the same course to its students.

Courtesy: Times of India

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