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Way2k 5 Oct 2012
Students Admission Journey

It is that time of the year when scorecards and cut-off lists determine one's future. While anxiety and stress levels are likely to increase, remember it is not the end of the world. Apparently, numbers may seem to be the magic potion, but an average score is no reason to give up. Luckily, times have changed and options are many. Recruitment criteria, too, have changed with soft skills and a positive attitude dominating the employment world. We all have aspirations and dreams, but it is not necessary that all of them will be realised. So, though you may have always aspired to study in a particular college, your scores may go against you.

Students Admission Journey

Accepting reality is the first step to mental peace. Get real and accept that the marks are not going to change, nor is the competition going to get less tough. However, make sure that you opt for the programme / course of your choice. According to national statistics report, the university system is capable of accommodating more than 95% of high school graduates in diverse disciplines, so do not panic. Be wise and do not get obsessed with a particular college or course due to peer pressure, prestige or social status. These are temporary signature tags not worth the tension or stress. If you have a particular course in mind that you want to pursue, stick to that plan, even if you have to change cities.

Finally, remember that it is your performance that will be considered and not the institute from which you come. Real-life stories of professionals and entrepreneurs often reveal that their success has no link to a specific academic institution but, rather, to their overall performance and ability to make the most of every opportunity. The truth is that an institution per se has almost no influence on parameters like future happiness, job satisfaction or even income and first salaries. Considering the fact that communication and travel options are flexible and feasible nowadays, you can look beyond your city.

There are a number of public and private institutions, which may be offering the same course/combinations with less selective entry-criteria. Reputed and recognised private universities in every region of India conduct their own entrance exams, which give a second chance to students whose board exam results are poor. These offer a range of courses in every discipline from engineering, medicine, dentistry and bio-science to management, commerce, art & design and media. There are colleges with international collaborations, which have a late admission cycle as they wait for the Indian admissions to be over.

Private universities may be more expensive than the state universities as the fees are higher. Also, you need to consider the living expenses as an additional cost factor. Further, it is important to realise that the first degree is not the end of the road, but just the beginning of a long journey. In fact, most courses lead to similar postgraduate options or job opportunities. In addition, you have part-time options to complement your college education, which will boost your CV and help you stand out.
Expert Tips:
Accept admission wherever you get one. Holding a confirmed seat reduces stress and is a psychological relief. Once you accept an admission, review it realistically in terms of the pros and cons of opting for that course. An objective review of the choice will help you realise that there is no difference in the academic programme or course content from your first choice of college Explore options to join clubs, societies, city activities, vocational or hobby classes, NGOs, youth clubs, theatre You may be surprised to discover that your college offers a range of activities and may give you more opportunities to prove your talent and leadership than in a competitive scenario Find ways to supplement your learning to build a versatility of skills.

You may join certificate programmes in computer software, web design, event management, journalism, financial planning, company secretary, jewellery design and photography, among others Take up part-time work. Ability to adapt and to apply learning in diverse situations will add to the practical skills, which are valued by employers Work hard to show a rising performance graph, which will ensure entry to better institutes or employers in the future.

Courtesy: Times of India

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