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Way2k 5 Oct 2012
Admission to unaided schools

Every school should notify the BEO on the number of seats available under RTE quota. It should be up on the school notice board, accessible to the public. The Parent-Teacher Association should be notified and schools to take steps to notify parents in a suitable manner. BEO shall calculate 25% availability of seats, school-wise, and notify it to the Parent-Teacher Association / parents / community through public display at prominent places. BEO shall fix a calendar of events for admission to schools under 25% free seat quota.

Admission to unaided schools

The cycle of admission process shall begin from January of the year from 2013-14.The cycle announced during 2012-13 is applicable only for 2012-13. The head teacher shall only ascertain that completely filled application forms, along with required documents, are received. The veracity and verification of the content will be the responsibility of the BEO's office, after provisional selection is completed by the school in Stage II. In case the application is not complete, the school authorities should not accept by giving reasons in writing to the applicants.

Eligible applicants / parents / wards will be intimated to be present at the school on the day of admission. On the day of selection, the BEO shall make himself, or his nominee not below the rank of the head teacher of a higher primary school, available to observe the process. Applications from outside the neighborhoods shall be kept separately. The selection process will be based on reservation notified by the government. After selecting the candidates, all details, original application form and documents to be submitted to the BEO office. The BEO will confirm the selection much before the start of the next academic year and well within March 31.The provisional list should be announced subject to approval from the BEO.

Admissions for aided schools

Total free quota= (total annual aid / total annual recurring expenditure of school)
x 100 Aided institutions with unaided sections will be treated as aided. Salaries will include staff from both aided and unaided sections. Even if the total aid received by the school from the govt is less than 25% of the total annual recurring expenditure, they still have to give RTE quota.
Percentage seat for SC: (15 x free seat quota in percentage) / 50
Percentage seat for ST: (3 x free seat quota in percentage) / 50 Percentage seat for other categories of disadvantaged groups and weaker sections: (32 x free seat quota in percentage) / 50
First come-first serve principle not to be applied in any case If seats for weaker section and disadvantaged group remain unfilled, they can be filled from children not belonging to these sections through draw of lots.

Reimbursement of fee:

The total expenditure per child shall be determined by the school and should be submitted to the BEO along with evidence to support the expenditure. Annual statement of accounts certified by a chartered accountant, along with details of salary paid into bank accounts of the staff, constitutes evidences to be submitted by school authorities. The total annual expenditure of the school has to be divided by the total number of students, both free and payment quota, to arrive at per child expenditure. If expenditure per student thus arrived at is to be compared with the actual amount charged by the school from the students, the lesser of the two should be taken as considered amount per student. The government will declare per child expenditure on or before May 30 of the year for the following academic year, beginning June 1.

Other directions:

A parent can reach out to the nearest Block Education Officer to file a complaint in case of corporal punishment or detention or expulsion from a school. A child, while seeking admission, can produce the DOB certificate issued by a hospital, anganwadi or an application written by the parents stating the DOB of the child. No school can deny admission to a child, even after the admission process is over.


The state education department has come up with helpline numbers for all districts across the state, ensuring more clarity on the implementation and modalities of the Act. The helpline number for the state-level cell located at the Sarv Siksha Abhiyana office is 1800-4253-4567, which will coordinate implementation of the Act.
Bangalore Urban -- 1800-425-11002
Bangalore Rural --  1800-425-11004
Bangalore South -- 1800-425-11005

List Ready:

The government has started issuing the number of schools and seats under RTE quota in each of them. Bangalore South zone has 355 unaided schools that will have to admit less privileged students.

Courtesy: Times of India

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