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Way2k 5 Oct 2012
Agenda set for Quality Edu

Principal secretary, education department, Amarjeet Sinha has issued a three-page directive to all district superintendents of education (DSEs) asking them to initiate certain steps within the next three months to bring qualitative improvement in school education. In his first detailed missive after taking charge of the department three weeks back, Sinha has asked the district-level officials to not only rationalize the posts and placement of teachers in primary schools to maintain required teacher-student ratio in a particular school, but also take effective steps to improve attendance of students.

Agenda set for Quality Edu

"I have identified priorities for the next three months. Please inform all block-level officials and school headmasters about the priorities and implement them without fail, so that quality education reaches each home," Sinha said in the missive. Of the 14 points discussed in the letter, Sinha has given top priority to organizing a social function in each primary school on a pre-announced date. "At the social function, guardians of all children should necessarily be invited and programmes related to children's health, nutrition, sanitation and safe drinking water be organized. The guardians should be informed about his / her ward's progress," he said.

Sinha's second priority is rationalization of teachers' posts and their placement. "Several instructions for the rationalization of teachers' posts have been issued in the past too. The placement of teachers must be proportionate to students enrolled in a particular school," he has told the DSEs. "During recent reviews, it was observed that a large number of teachers manage to get themselves posted in the schools located either in urban areas or well-connected to the roads leading to big towns. It creates shortage of teachers in schools located in rural areas, especially remote villages. I have asked the DSEs to ensure proper rationalization of teachers' posting to maintain an equal ratio of teacher-student in both urban and rural schools," Sinha told TOI on Saturday, 7th July 2012.

Sinha said as per the provisions of the National Education Policy, the state government should maintain a teacher-student ratio of 1:40 in primary schools. And, as per the provisions of the Right to Education Act, a ratio of 1:30 has to be maintained. But currently in Bihar, the overall teacher-student ratio is around 1:58, Sinha said, adding the ratio is worse in many remote rural schools. He has also asked the DSEs to ensure timely delivery of midday meal in each school on each working day to improve attendance of students. His other main directives include availability of textbooks to each student, improving supervision of academic activities through cluster resource centre’s (CRCs), timely arrival of teachers and maximum use of local dialect by teachers while teaching rural students.

Courtesy: Times of India

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