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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 5 Oct 2012
T.Y.B.Com re-exam on April 11

Mumbai University finally acknowledged that this year T.Y.B.Com Marketing and Human Resource Management (MHRM) paper had indeed leaked. And the university’s Board of Examinations, which convened early on Sunday 1st April, agreed that though a re-exam would inconvenience students, it nevertheless would have to be held in all fairness. So on April 11, T.Y. B.Com students will have to relive the exam stress all over again. The University of Mumbai has asked the management of BNN College, Bhiwandi, to suspend three officials involved in leaking the paper. It also recommended imposing a  Rs 1-lakh fine on the college.

TY BCom re-exam on april

The university plans to seek a CID inquiry to investigate if there was a deliberate attempt to malign its image. The university will also file a complaint against the college under Prevention of Malpractices (University, Board and other Specified Examinations) Act 1982 against persons responsible for the leak and another complaint with the cyber crime cell to investigate messages circulated about the MHRM paper and later for other papers. The decision was taken at a marathon meeting of the Board of Examinations (BoE) after the three-member committee comprising principals of three commerce colleges Madhu Nair (convenor), T. A. Shiware and S. T. Gadade visited the Bhiwandi college on Saturday 31st March, 2012 and submitted their report.

The university denied the leak since March 28, despite SMSes clearly indicating it. The inquiry gathered steam only after a student, whose centre was at BNN College, approached a news channel. College officials had refuted the student’s claim that the paper leaked from their centre when the wrong paper was distributed. All 31 people interviewed denied the incident. But when the committee reached the examination house to check if answer sheets held any evidence, they found the proof in black-and-white on 510 answer papers. The sheets had the code of the MHRM paper (code: 2070) which was struck out when the correct paper (code: 1176) was later distributed. The committee found the MHRM paper was distributed in 17 out of 21 exam blocks of BNN College. Some answer sheets of Business Economics have the code of the MHRM paper.

The new optical mark reader system, which makes it mandatory for students to give the paper code, enabled us to detect the officials lie, said a committee member. Another proof was the tampered date on the MHRMs question paper bundle, signed by the chief conductor. The chief conductor is expected to sign the bundle before opening. The date on the MHRM paper bundle, opened on March 27, was fiddled to make it March 28, said the report. In an official statement, the university denied involvement in the incident. Paper setters went through SMSes and claimed not all questions were leaked. So the varsity’s claim about the leak was appropriate at that time, said an official.

Action Recommended By University:
Re-examination of commerce paper III (MHRM) be conducted on April 11, at the same time University plans to register police complaint against those responsible for the leak Chief conductor D. S. Bhangre, senior supervisor R. N. Deshpande and Prof Jadhav, responsible for goof-up, must be suspended. Inquiry committee must submit a report to the varsity within six weeks. Varsity to file complaint with the cyber crime cell to investigate incorrect SMS circulated on March 27 – 29.

Varsity will seek CID inquiry to probe if there was deliberate attempt to malign its image BNN College must initiate action against 17 junior supervisors for withholding facts from inquiry committee. Committee of three observers must oversee exams at BNN College from April 2, Since inconvenience caused to university and students, the university’s management council must consider imposing a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the college. The college will be debarred as an exam centre from October 2012 to March 2015.




March 27

MHRM question papers were distributed a day before at BNN College, Bhiwandi.

Supervisors collected the papers back but most of the 510 students had seen the questions.

By evening the students sent the topics asked via text messages and BBM to others

March 28

Students saw all questions from the messages in the paper. Varsity denied a leak.

March 30

A student whose centre was at BNN College shared his experience on TV.

March 31

Many answer-sheets paper code overwritten, proving paper distributed by mistake.

Courtesy: Times of India

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