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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 5 Oct 2012
Only 12.75% M.Sc chemistry student passed

Enraged by the shocking results of their first year examination, students of M.Sc (chemistry) from various city colleges, including Hislop, Institute Of Science and Kamla Nehru, staged a protest at Nagpur University on Friday, 27th July, 2012. With merely 12.75% students passing the exam, they have demanded quick rechecking and re-evaluation of their papers. As per university information, only 12.75% students passed this year's summer exam in M.Sc I course. A total of 682 students appeared for the exam, of which only 87 were declared passed. In the same examination last year, 175 students had passed. According to the students, this result was completely unexpected as they were quite sure about the answers they wrote and expected at least passing marks.

Only 12.75% M.Sc chemistry student passed 

"Most of us had respectable marks in our B.Sc course and we did not expect such marks this year. It is not possible that nearly 90% candidates fail an exam. The correction of papers is at fault," said Akshay Gundlani, a student of Institute of Science. The students have applied for revaluation but the process takes a lot of time, which will cause them severe hardships. Moreover, the cost of revaluation is around Rs. 600 per paper, which is not affordable for every student. Meanwhile, with such low marks, the colleges have refused to allow the students to take admission, not even under the Allowed to Keep Terms (ATKT) criteria. Infuriated by this, the students have appealed to NU's Controller of Examination (COE) Siddharth Kane for a quick revaluation and early result.

Replying to the appeal, Kane said the students should first get photocopies of their answer sheets and see how the valuation was. "No doubt the results are surprising, and I will conduct an inquiry. But there is no point in blaming the evaluators before the facts are known," he said. Aindrila Bhattacharya, a student of Institute of Science, said, "It is very dismal to see such a result and I did not expect to get such low marks. However, I plead to NU to declare our revaluation result quickly so we can get admission into second year." The situation is worse for Priya Shivhare of Hislop College, who has failed in each paper by just one mark. "To save our careers, NU should act responsibly and at least give us ATKT, so that we can seek admission in our college. There is certainly something odd in the checking of answer sheets," she said.

Courtesy: Times of India

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