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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 4 Oct 2012
Stress- Free Boards

Reaches and principals encourage regular students to become exam writers for disabled as it would help these school children when they too write board exams The differently able students especially the visually impaired ones, appearing for their board examination this year, are finding it difficult to get writer. According to sources, this has been the situation ever since the dummy writers scandal in 2008, after which the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) got stricter.

Stress free boards

Teacher at School for Blind, Sudip Tripathi said, “After the dummy writers scandal, it’s been very difficult to get writers for the students”. The rules dictate only students who have scored less than 65 per cent can become writers. It has become difficult to find quality writers for the students. The number of students volunteering as writers has gone down and at times, parents are reluctant too. According to Tripathi, no other state has such rules for writers. He said, this year, eight students from Class 10 and 18 from class 12 of our school are appearing for their boards. We have got writers from Debashish School for them. But, during the prelims, we had to get students of teachers training programme as writers, he added.
While parents are reluctant to allow their wards to volunteer as writers for the disabled, school authorities opine that it would be a great experience for the volunteers. Principal of Blind Peoples Association Ranchhod Soni said, “It is a good exercise especially for the class 9 students who become writers for class 10 students. It allows them to get acquainted with the board rules, which in turn reduces the stress when they appear for their own board examinations”. Prashant Patel, a teacher from C.N. Vidyalaya, said, “For students of Class 9 and 11, becoming writers allows them to get a feel of the board examination. It reduces stress to a great extent. Also, there is the satisfaction that accompanies helping someone”.
This year, 15 students from C.N. Vidyalay will help visually impaired students as well as physically challenged students write exams. 14 students from Kameshwar School will help class 12 students. Class 9 students of C.N. Vidyalay, Jayesh Solanki and Bhavik Rabari will be writing for class 10 students. Both the students had volunteered last year too. Jayesh said, “It was an amazing experience. Initially, we were a bit hesitant but now we are looking forward to write the exams”.

Courtesy: Times of India

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