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Way2k 4 Oct 2012
Career as a Yoga Trainer

In today's competitive world where more career options are being added to the list by the day, youngsters have a lot of options to choose from. These careers range from being creative to intellectual to plain exciting. One of the careers that have caught the fancy of the youth is that of teaching yoga.

Career as a Yoga Trainer

Assessing the growing popularity of this art of living, career as a yoga trainer has more returns than investments from every aspect. Be it job satisfaction or monetary remuneration, being a yoga trainer is immensely fulfilling. Highlighting this aspect of yoga is Dr. Nitin Unkule, a yoga teacher at the Kaivalya Yoga Institute in Pune. "Sky is the limit when it comes to teaching yoga. A person who has enough experience in yoga along with a lot of patience is capable of taking up yoga training as a career," he said. The openings in this field are numerous and gaining popularity as the exposure of to this particular field is on the rise.

There are certain skill sets that are required before taking the plunge as a yoga teacher or trainer. Any aspiring yoga teacher should understand the deeply rooted philosophies that give yoga a holistic effect. Physiological and anatomical knowledge of the human body is essential regarding teaching yoga. Moreover, being innovative and knowledgeable of the type of yoga you teach is also important. The types of yoga that can be taught include Purna, Ashtanga, Bhakti, Bikram and Hatha yoga, the most commonly taught being Hatha and Bikram yoga.

Training as a yoga teacher offers the rare opportunity of job satisfaction, that many career oriented youngsters look out for while job hunting." As potential students discover newer techniques while learning yogasanas, different sources of energy and novel techniques are discovered within you as teacher, that enhance your teaching and your art too," asserts Abhijata Sridhar, a senior teacher at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune. She also insists that most yoga teachers start off as students and then graduate to teaching the art of living to others. "The best way to become a yoga teacher is to be a student first, where you learn various concepts as they come along, even by observing others practice their yogasanas," she adds. There are various institutes in India that offer formal training according to the level of yoga an individual wants to learn, these include Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute, Mysore and Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh.

Monetary remuneration ranks high on the list of prospective jobs for any student these days. No matter how creatively stimulating careers are, the amount of money earned ultimately takes centre stage. A yoga trainer teaches asanas that can prevent ailments, promote spiritual fulfillment besides mental and physical wellbeing. "As there is a growing demand for all the different tenets of yoga, experienced trainers are paid well. However, it is also based on the expertise of the trainer. A beginner can earn between Rs 8000 - Rs 10, 000 per month, while an decently experienced Yoga trainer can earn up to Rs 40, 000 per month," adds Dr. Unkule. The employers range from resorts to wealthy individuals who create demand for yoga teachers.

Foreigners from all over the world visit India to experience and learn yoga. They prefer learning yoga at the renowned institutes here and then practice it in their own countries. Catherine Hayes, a Canadian national says, "I learnt yoga at the Iyengar Institute two years ago and have my own successful yoga practice back home. I visit India every year to brush up my knowledge of the art." Teaching yoga as a career is rapidly gaining momentum abroad.

It looks like teaching yoga is all set to join the ranks of interesting and lucrative professions as it fulfills all the criteria required for an ideal career. Life as a yoga trainer enables you to experience a growth for yourself, besides contributing to society. It won't be out of place to quote from a renowned yoga instructor who said, "Yoga offers me the joy of self discovery through the process of teaching it. It allows me to contribute to society in a way that makes me feel good."

Courtesy: Yahoo Campus

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