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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 4 Oct 2012
Answer this, SSC questions on sale!

With just two days left for the Std X board exams, students are allegedly buying “important questions” from private agents. These agents, who are actually degree college students, are reportedly selling lists of questions they say are sure to be asked in exams. ‘Important questions’ in History and Science are being sold in the range of Rs 700 - Rs 1,000. SSC students say the agents are offering money back guarantee as well if these questions are not asked.

Answer this, SSC questions on sale!

Anxious about the approaching exams, students, especially those who have not studied properly, seem to be falling into this trap. A 15-year-old student from a Jogeshwari school decided to go for it when he saw his friends buying questions from a student of an Andheri college. “I told a schoolmate who made the payment and got the questions for me,” he said. He said this ‘agent’ was selling 30 important questions for History for Rs 700 and around 15 Physics questions for Rs 1,000. “He claimed to know moderators and said these questions are bound to come in the exam,” said the student.

Goregaon resident Richita Sharma said her daughter too has heard of such schemes. “She told me that some students in her school knew someone who had some important questions. This person claimed he had connections with a history moderator. But I discouraged her from falling into such traps and told her to focus on studying,” Sharma said. However, board officials said it is highly unlikely that such agents have any “genuine” questions. “The board maintains strict confidentiality about the location and content of question papers. I am the board’s chairperson, but even I don’t know where the question papers are printed. Once printed, the papers are sealed, which is then inspected by experts,” said Sarjerao Jadhav.

Jadhav said that these college students are just cashing in on the panic and fear surrounding the SSC exams. “They could be trying to take advantage of students’ anxiety. A mischievous bunch could be doing it for extra pocket money. Students should not fall prey to such gimmicks, and instead study hard,” he said. He added that this year he is planning to make the system of question paper designing more foolproof. “I intend to bring in a lot of changes in the question paper setting that will remove even the minor loopholes existing in today’s system.”

Courtesy: DNA India

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