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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 4 Oct 2012
NID grad designs truck for India-2020

While most of the automobile design students dream of designing flashy cars and super fast bikes, this Transportation and Automobile Design graduate from National Institute Design (NID) is fascinated by heavy-duty vehicles like trucks. Snehal Laxmanrao Parmar has designed a commercial vehicle called EVOKE keeping in mind the transportation scenario of India in 2020.

NID grad designs truck for India

The design was part of his diploma project with Asia Motor Works (AMW) and focused on the styling of future AMW truck. The core idea behind the project was to develop new brand language & vehicle styling for future AMW trucks. The six-month project included intense research, which helped me learn the untold secrets about the commercial vehicles and those behind its designs, said Parmar.

The project brief for Parmar was to build a brand new series of commercial vehicles, keeping in mind the traffic and transportation scenario in 2020. The lines and surfaces generated through EVOKE are inspired from an Indian saints graphical representation about brahmand or chakras. Commercial vehicles influence the trade, commerce and industry of a country in a major way. The Indian commercial vehicle manufacturers have also started looking into styling and aesthetics, which will open a lot of scope for budding designers, said Pawar, who won the second prize at IITK- Escorts tractor design competition in 2009.

As part of the project, Pawar travelled with the truck drivers to get an insight for his design concept. Each individual’s trucking experience was another reference for design and development of the vehicles. Evoke is a multi-intelligent truck which will ease out the transport and freight management systems of 2020. The technologies involved are already in the horizon, especially by 2015 these technologies will be available for masses and will be implemented rapidly, said Parmar, who is passionate about trucks, tractors and earth movers.

EVOKEs unparalleled driver visibility and innovative design ideas are combined with advanced technologies and features such as, drive-by-wire, virtual co-driver assistance, rear-view cameras and vehicle intelligence. Innovative materials are used to support, refresh and insulate the driver from the outside environment, and to promote effective work and rest. It also includes two variable seating berths for co-driving crew, and other versatile components to combine office, relaxation, dining, personal storage and sleeping functions.

In EVOKE the driver seats are in the front and centre of the cab, instead of the traditional right-side position, by which the drive can get Full-View Driver Position (FVDP). It provides the driver with more than 180 degrees of uninterrupted visibility, as the huge windscreen arcs around the canopy, while remote vision cameras eliminate blind spots, said Pawar.

Courtesy: Times of India

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