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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 4 Oct 2012
Claims for new cube-root formula

It has eluded experts for centuries, but now an Indian, following in the footsteps of Aryabhatt, one of the earliest Indian mathematicians, claims to have worked out a simple formula to find any number's cube root. Mr. Nirbhay Singh Nahar, a retired chemical engineer and an amateur mathematician, claims he has found a formula that will help students and applied engineers to work out the cube roots of any number in a short time. “Give me any number: even, odd, decimals and a fraction, I will give you the cube root using a simple calculator to just add and subtract within a minute and a half.

Claims for new cube-root formula

We do have methods and patterns, but no formula at the moment. Even the tables give cube roots of 1 to 1,000, not of fractions or of numbers beyond 1,000, for which people have to use scientific calculators,” Mr. Nahar, who retired as an engineer from Hindustan Salts Ltd at Sambhar (Rajasthan), said. Four years, thousands of sums, a lot of painstaking research and total devotion led him to develop the formula which he has now copyrighted. “I am willing to be scrutinised and investigated by anyone in the world, and to demonstrate but I will not disclose the formula till it is patented, because I want the credit for my work to go to India, my country."

Mr. Nahar, who sent his findings to research journals but got no response, said he will soon write to the PM requesting him to arrange a meeting between him and the world's top mathematicians. “Only when I get recognition for my formula named NAHNO (Nah stands for Nahar and NO for number) will I disclose my formula,” he said. The cube root of a number is a figure, which multiplied by itself thrice gives the larger number. Many methods are available to crack cube roots, but they are time consuming. On a standard calculator, one has to go through half a dozen steps to get the answer. While Newton's formula arrives at an approximation, Nahar claims his formula leads to direct and perfect value, and no approximation.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

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