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Way2k 4 Oct 2012
Jewellery engineers are in demand

The industry, which previously witnessed fear of knowledge transfer, has now evolved. It now understands that sharing knowledge can mean more profits. And this means more organised avenues are mushrooming across India to teach candidates nuances of jewellery industry. Until recently, the core group (ancestors, owners) in any given jewellery house kept tricks of the trade to themselves. "A person had to ideally work at least a decade until he could claim some genuine domain expertise," says Hayagriv. But the good news is that the way things are done in this industry is changing owing to the 'scaling-up.'

Jewellery engineers are in demand

Earlier couples of jewellery houses were worth a hundred million, but now they are spoken in terms of billions. Captive units are now established out of city limits so the production department can have access to larger working spaces. In Bangalore these are typically located around Peenya." Hayagriv talks about the three major levels in the jewellery industry. "First is mining. Second is production, where she / he can specialise in working either at the refinery, or gem cutting establishments, or in casting and manufacturing and finally designing if that suits the candidate. The third level is in distribution or retail.

"There are developments even at the micro level," he informs. Earlier there were no specialised departments within a jewellery house, and everyone did everything, of course under the specialist eye of the boss. But people can now choose where he is best suited. "Crafting skills or production department, assessment department, designing, sales, supply-chain management, or the finance department-all is available for the pick. The starting salary across departments is from 3 lakh to 3.5 lakh per annum." And because this industry deals with natural substances 'organised approach' in this industry continues to remain a challenge.

However, knowledge of geology, gemology and mineralogy can be an important starting point, Hayagriv tells. There is an increasing demand for jewellery engineers. "This industry needs people who can tackle complexities at different stages in the design and manufacturing process, because we are dealing with extremely expensive raw material." Recognising the importance of skilled manpower the industry has taken upon itself to associate with academia to offer specialist courses in jewellery.

"All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) has partnered with National Skill Development Corporation to set up the Gems and Jewellery Skills Council of India. The focus of this council is to develop a set of comprehensive guidelines to improve the manufacturing and retailing of jewellery for the benefit of the consumers. The GJF has set up an independent committee to oversee this major drive to develop over 50,000 members across India," says Hayagriv. There are many developments in the industry says Hayagriv. "Social marketing and e-commerce among retailers has caught on."

This industry also seeks professionals who bring forth to the customers the 'healing and astrological' effects of gems. "Wearing jewellery is not just all glamour but there is science to it and that's why individuals with a metaphysical understanding are sought," he adds. "This industry also demands novelty; jewellers are increasingly looking to fit a person to the jewellery. And that's why they have to understand their audience, the price point they can afford jewellery at, the age factor, the facial shape, etc," he says.

Some of the educational institutions offering courses in jewellery designing are: Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery, Mumbai; Manipal Institute of Jewellery Management, Udupi; Jewellery Design & Technology Institute, Noida; NIFT has a Industrial Jewellery Design & Training Centre, and finally Gemological Institute of India offers relevant diplomas and certification to enter this industry, informs Hayagriv.

Courtesy: Times of India

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