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Way2k 4 Oct 2012
New upgrade school education

Come June and the states primary education will take a quantum leap with an innovative evaluation system that will do much more than track student’s academic progress. Right from emotional quotient to analytical skills and social interactivity will be mapped according to this system called Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). CCE will become the norm from June for standards VI, VII and VIII in all government and private schools. From 2013, the Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) will implement CCE from standard I. This will be along with recommendations of the Right To Education Act.

New upgrade school education

According to GCERT official’s RTE is also going to be mandatory from 2013 for all government and private schools. The CCE will map a variety of subjects including physical, mental, emotional and intellectual development of the students every year. GCERT Director M.N. Bhad said: The reason for this move is to ensure all round development of students. The evaluation will highlight strengths and weaknesses of each student. Teaching styles will then be changed and adapted to suit individual students. This will be much more effective than the generalized approach that most schools follow these days. We shall begin by June 2012, all necessary rules and regulations have been prepared. The evaluation, said; GCERT officials, will be put in the report card that shall be prepared for each student after every academic year.

The card shall also contain medical details including height, weight and ailments if any. The GCERT has consulted no less than 300 experts on the rules and modules for CCE. This is more like tracing the child’s progress through the years. Attendance, preference for activities will be other subjects covered under CCE. For instance if a child is a loner or likes to be in groups, then the teachers approach towards him will be adapted suitably. “His academic leanings will also be mapped as will his interaction skills with other students along with writing skills or any other special abilities”, said a senior GCERT official. “The card at the end of the year will be comprehensive. Any teacher reading the card in the next class will know what the weaknesses are and which areas need more attention for students in any classroom. This will ensure a holistic development for each student”, said GCERT officials.

Courtesy: Times of India

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