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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 4 Oct 2012
Top 6 Careers which can Start From Home

Not many people in India as well as in other nations like to work for another employer, if they have a desire of starting their own career and hiring people to work for them. So, one among them might be you as well. If you have any idea of starting up your own career stream without any one ruling upon you, here are few best and easy jobs that you can start from your home and extend it as it develops in the future as a good business.


Photography, Are you interested in photography? Then you can turn your hobby as your career as the demand for photographers has risen in India. This profession is also considered as a most competitive profession and most of them in this profession are self-employed and in fact those who are experts in this field have hired people to work for them. The only requirements in this profession are your skill of photography with right equipments as well as with right digital tools. If you want to improve the scope of work, then you can also opt for video photography. If you have the needed talent in you, you can start taking good photographs at the small events or functions happening inside you family circle and you can slowly turn that as your profession when you are be recognized by others outside your family circle and by your known people. The required talent includes, to be creative with a good sense to take a picture, excellent technical and photographic skills, good communication with the people, good IT Skills [especially with Photoshop] etc.

Fashion Designer, If you are interested in designing cloths and accessories, then you can start your own boutique at home if you have enough space. This profession needs a lot of creativity as it demands you to come up with something new every day. The entire field of fashion designing is influenced by cultural and social latitudes. You can also hire few people if your demand is increasing day by day. The only thing you need to take care in this profession is that you need to meet your customer’s desire and satisfy their desire for aesthetically designed clothing. In this profession, you can enjoy the power of introducing something new and making that new design as a hot trend in the market. First, try to figure out the people’s interest and get to know what new they are expecting in the attire they wear and accessories they use. Come up with pleasing designer wears that attracts the people at one go. If you succeed at the first stage in this profession, you can also enjoy designing clothing for top celebs around the world if you have that capability. You can turn a small boutique into a world famous fashion showroom with your talent.

Real Estate, The demand for real estate agents is booming day by day. This is because, as the property rate is raising someday and falling some days, these rates are confusing the people who wish to own their own land property. So, they are interested in consulting advice and assistance of the real estate agents. So, if you are a person who can interested and have a sound knowledge about the lands, you can opt for a career as a real estate agent to help people to resolve their doubts and problems. You can start this profession at home without any tie-up with any companies. Through this profession you can also enjoy rides around to show the fabulous houses or the good lands for buying the property with your clients. This job can also be considered as a flexible job without any fixed working hours pressure. Apart from this, once your clients like your suggested property you can also enjoy big commission checks, reports Craig Guillot on Fox Business Website.

Wedding planners are very much in demand for high profile wedding in India. A person who is called as a wedding planner is a professional who assists the clients with the designs, planning and management of the wedding. Few believe this profession as a female dominated profession, but the fact is even more men have engaged themselves into this profession in recent times. The primary skill you need to have to enter this profession is that you need to know the knack and organizational skills essential for this job. Apart from that, you need to have a very good contact with best caterers, interior designers, florists, hotels and also with other key providers to make a wedding successful. As a wedding planner, it is your responsibility to take good care of once in the life event in people’s life. As you are the key person in planning the wedding, you can enjoy quarter amount of the overall cost of the entire wedding cost [can also Vary from place to place].

Food Catering, If you are very good cook who knows to prepare excellent dishes, then you can opt for a career in starting your own catering business. If you consider this job too might lower your prestige, remember that this profession is one of the most lucrative and profitable profession at present as most of the families who go out for work don’t have time to prepare their food for breakfast and to pack their lunch to the office. This profession has all the possibilities for expansion and growth in the future years to come. It is a financially rewarding as well as a career that can be enjoyed by preparing and introducing new tastes to the people. As a catering contractor, you can even accept contracts like to prepare food for big and small events organized by companies, small and big family functions if you have enough human resource. You need not consider it as the low prestige job if you are a highly qualified person, as if you want you can also consider it as a side business wherein you can get an extra income to run your family..

Gardening, You might think this as a very easy job to do and a low prestige job if you are very well qualified. You might also think this job can lower your prestige if your close people around you watch you gardening. Here, what you need to know is, gardening doesn’t mean that you need to go to other people’s house and cut the lawns and water the plants in their place. This job can rather be considered as establishing your own nursery, where you can house the plants and flowers of different kinds. You can also provide relevant information regarding the equipments to be used during gardening; you can train the people who are interested in gardening at their home.


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