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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 3 Oct 2012
Dual Grad Courses together in Mumbai Univ

There’s good news for all those youngsters who find it tough to choose which graduate stream to enroll in. The University of Mumbai has decided to allow its students to take up two full-time courses simultaneously. Taking up two courses may entail twice the work and double the expense, but the idea could pay off when the options of a further education, career or jobs also multiply.

Dual grad courses together in Mumbai Univ

So, Steve Jobs worshippers can simultaneously "live at the intersection" of engineering, say at VJTI, and humanities (or BA) at St. Xavier’s College. Some may want to do both-for instance, a B.Com in banking and insurance and a B.Com in financial markets at HR College. It isn’t just about following a serious hobby or having a second plan to fall back on; experts said many students are academically driven to achieve more than what the courseware prescribes. New move may see 2nd shift in colleges

The University of Mumbai plans to allow students to pursue different graduate programmes at the same time. Sources said it may also consider starting honours programmes, an idea that hasn’t germinated in the city. "We feel there are several students wanting to do more than just an engineering programme or a BA or a specialized B.Com course. Many of them have more than one passion they want to pursue; that is backed by potential too. The university will now allow those students to take up two courses at the same time," said S. K. Ukrande, dean (technology) at the University of Mumbai.

Ukrande was appointed by the university after its academic council, which met three months ago, was considering a proposal that would permit students to study two degree programmes at the same time. The report, which has been submitted to the university, gives a go ahead to students to sign up for two programmes. The report must be finally approved by the academic council and the management council, before the idea can be implemented. The report stated that students can opt for one of the many combinations-take up two degree courses and enroll for both as a full-time student; take up one full-time course and sign up for the other through distance education; or take up one graduation programme and another certificate or diploma course, an option that was always available.

"Students just have to be eligible for both the courses and meet the attendance requirements for both of them. Moreover, students need to inform both the colleges (if they enroll in two different institutes) about the courses they are pursuing" noted Ukrande. The plan, if it picks up in popularity, will also see colleges running a second shift, allowing students to generously space their day’s learning. The plan comes with fine print though: "The university has a packed examination schedule through the year. So if any two papers clash, the student has to sit for the exam when it is held the next time, say after six months." As for now, the probability of making the right career choice and going in the right direction just increased.

Courtesy: Times of India

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