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Way2k 3 Oct 2012
IIT-B: 1st choice of 86 of IIT-JEE’s top 100

IIT-Bombay retains its favourite position with top rankers while IIT-Delhi has further slipped in the preference list. This year, 77 aspirants from the top 100 IIT-JEE ranks were allotted seats in IIT-B, up from last year's 70. IIT-B was in fact the first choice of 86 of the top 100 candidates this year, though only 77 were given seats. In 2010, 67 of the first 100 had opted for IIT-Bombay. IIT-D saw a dip in the numbers of top rankers opting for the institute this year, from last year's 24 to 19.

IIT-B: 1st choice of 86 of IIT-JEE’s top 100

Just 12 of the top ranking candidates filled IIT-D as their first choice. The three female candidates in the top 100 also opted for IIT-B. Among the top 1,000 candidates too, around 285 opted for IIT-B followed by 224 in IIT-D. "Several factors like the location and climate are also in favour of the institute at Mumbai. The choices of top 100 students do not mean anything. Many students qualifying from the south with see Mumbai as a closer option than travelling to the north. It does not reflect on the institute," said an official at IIT-D.

About a decade ago, IIT-Kanpur was the preferred destination for most of the top 100 rankers in JEE. But since 2005, the trend has gradually changed in favour of IIT-B. This year only three candidates from the top 100 went to IIT-K. A total of 8,593 boys and 907 girls were allotted seats in the first round of admissions to IITs, which started Sunday, 17th June, 2012 after a three-day delay. Of the 17,465 shortlisted for counselling, 1,476 candidates opted out of it. Out of the top 100 too, rank 69, has opted out of IITs.

"Students who might have done well in other entrance exams might have opted out of IIT if they got lower ranks here. Also some of the students might have gone abroad for higher studies," said an institute official. While Arpit Agrawal, the IIT-JEE-2012 topper opted for IIT-D, the next eight ranks after him chose IIT-B. Nishit Agrawal, all-India rank 6 and Mumbai zone topper was the only student to opt for electrical engineering, rest of the top 10 chose Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).

CSE was among the most popular choices at IIT-B and IIT-D followed by electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering at IIT-B. Only 668 candidates got the course and allotment of their first choice, 390 got their second choice and 379 got their third preferred option. A student had the choice of filling several options, the maximum being 215 courses. In 2011, 1,382 candidates got the course and allotment of their first choice.

Fewer girls qualify, despite rise in applications:

Of the candidates who got admission offers, 9.55% were girls, a marginal dip from last year. In 2011, 10.1% female candidates got seats in IITs. "We were expecting more girls to get seats this year as there was a steep rise in the numbers of female candidates (33% of total candidates) appearing for JEE. However, their numbers dipped marginally," said G B Reddy, IIT-JEE chairman, Delhi. Around 11 foreign nationals also made it to the IITs this year. "In spite of the delay in the release of the first allocation round, there will not be any change in the rest of the schedule. The second and third round of allocation will happen on the same day as scheduled. After students reject the seats, the vacant seats will be thrown up for the second round," Reddy said.

Courtesy: Times of India

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