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Way2k 1 Oct 2012
Innovations Won Hearts, Awards

Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards ceremony was held at IIMA on Thursday, 5th April, where the best innovations by students from various colleges in the country were honoured. The awards organised by Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI), were categorised in three areas Socially relevant technological innovation award, More-for-less for-many award and Technological edge award. According to sources, SRISTI received more than 5,000 applications from across the country. Interestingly, 3,000 applications were from Gujarat. Mirror gives you a sneak peek into some of the best creations.

Innovations won hearts awards 

Multi-desire Wheelchair:

Innovators: Pratik Gandhi, Chintak Dholakia, Sumit Shatwara, Bhargav Desai, Priyesh Rajnikant,Vanraj Kamliya.

College: L.D Engineering College.

Cost: Rs 80,000 It is designed for physically challenged people. The battery-powered wheel chair can be operated with the help of a joy stick and using tongue or head movements. Pratik said, This product was part of the curriculum. The cost can be reduced if it is produced in large numbers.

Low-cost Incense Stick Making Machine:

Innovators: Keshav G.

College: IIT-Gandhinagar.

Cost: Rs 500 (Prototype cost: Rs 5,000) It is a low-cost semi-automatic machine operated by hand. According to the innovator, it doubles production. The machine is ergonomically designed to mitigate back pain and other spinal problems. A woman can roll out 6,000 sticks a day. Keshav said, The idea struck me when I was interning at a village in Bangalore last year. I had witnessed the village women preparing the incense sticks. I saw their hardship and decided to use my knowledge to ease their problems.

Domestic Refrigerator with Water Heater:

Innovators: Dhruv Patel.

College: Gandhinagar Institute of Technology This innovation deals with utilisation of heat rejected by the condenser by way of generating lukewarm water. This device will also save up to 20 per cent electricity. Daily, 100 litre of water can be produced.

LPG-Based Refrigerator:

Innovators: Jainil Bhatt, Dhruvin Kagdi, Tirth Jani, Kunjal Jadav.

College: LDRP College, Gandhinagar The refrigerator is made by developing a heat exchanger comprising network of pipes containing gas. These pipes are covered with thin and closely spaced fins. These fins help in effective and fast cooling and the insulating material helps in storing the cooling effect for a longer period of time.

Image, Speech Recognition & Speech Synthesis for Disabled:

Innovators: Saurabh Saket, Rahul Ranjan.

College: Bhutta College of Engineering and Technology, Ludhiana.

Cost:Rs 3,50, 000 Project Hope aims to aid people suffering from hearing and speech impairments. Saurabh said, This system is able to identify and convert signals by the user into speech using a voice synthesizer. For those with hearing impairment, this system converts external voices into written instructions.

Courtesy: Ahmedabad Mirror

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