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Way2k 1 Oct 2012
English no more a foreign language in India

Indian English is a recognised dialect just like British, American or Australian English because of its distinctive pronunciations, syntax and lexical variations. Playing an important role in the domains of business, education, administration and various other fields, it should no more be treated or taught as a foreign language to students.
English language experts had recently gathered at the launch of a book, "Unlock Their Future- Skill-based approach to teaching and learning English", at Nivara, Navi Peth in Pune.

English no more a foreign language in India
"Indianisation of English language has already happened. We cannot prevent the influence of mother tongue on English language and you can have deviations but not mistakes," said Viney Kirpal, former professor of English, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.
Director of ASMA Institute of Management, professor S Ranganathan said, "A colonial inheritance, English has given India an advantage over other countries for its command over the language. Ten years of IT boom that India has seen has tremendously diverted our interest in English language."
Former professor of English at the University of Pune, Shridhar Gokhale, said that there are more people world over who use English for communication than those who speak it as their mother tongue.
"The usage of English in India is much wider than any other foreign language. It is said that if we learn German, we must speak like Germans. With English there is no need to speak like native English speakers, because we have our own Indianised version," he said.
To this, Kirpal added, "There is nothing wrong in Indianised English, as I don't see a communication gap. Until it is grammatically incorrect, the only difference is in recognition of pronunciation."
Due to its flexibility and adaptability, English has become a world language, said Ranganathan, adding that Indians speak grammatically correct English than the native English speakers.
"Our Indianised dialect is recognised but not accepted because our English has many vernacularised versions due to the influence of the many native languages that are spoken in India. This regionalisation of English language has made it the third language in India."
Stressing on the need to bring a change in the teaching and learning process of English language at school level, Kirpal said, "English teaching and learning at school level is done for passing examinations and not as an intensive effort to learn a life skill. Improvement in delivery capacity of the teachers, based on theory with practice, will play a vital role in enabling students to communicate and write in English fluently."

Courtesy: DNA India

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