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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 29 Sep 2012
World's Top 5 Female Hackers

Hackers are a very diverse bunch, a group simultaneously blamed with causing billions of dollars in damages as well as credited for their significant contributions to the internet world. We have always heard of male hackers and the fact is that majority of hacking experts are predominantly men. But, what about female hackers? Who would have thought that women could as well enter into this field and master the skill of hacking? When the term “Hacker” was invented in the 60s at MIT, it was definitely an honourable title.

World's Top 5 Female Hackers 

Hackers were known for their resourcefulness and their persistence in solving software-related problems. But today the mindset of common people has totally changed when they come across the word Hacking. Hacking has traditionally been a man’s world, but women are quietly breaking into the hacker subculture. Take a look at top 5 female hackers in the world.

Kristina Svechinskaya, a New York University student is one of the most common names in the hacker’s world. She is Russian money mule maker who was arrested on November 2010 and accused of breaking into millions of dollars from several banks in Britain and America and for usage of multiple fake passports. Svechinskaya was dubbed "the world's sexiest computer hacker" for her raunchy, but casual appearance. Svechinskaya used Zeus trojan horse to attack thousands of bank accounts along with nine others and opened at least five accounts in Bank of America and Wachovia to disburse the theft money. For all her hacking activities and for using the passports fraudulently it is said that she may have to pay huge penalty of 40 years of imprisonment. It is estimated that with nine other people Svechinskaya had skimmed $3 million in total.

Joanna is a polish security specialist, she is popularly known for her research on low-level security and stealth malware and for her contributions to Windows vista. She became a known personality and rose to fame after the Black Hat Briefings conference in Las Vegas in August 2006 where Rutkowska demonstrated to the world two ways to hack Windows Vista Beta 2 kernel protection mechanism and also a technique dubbed Blue Pill, that used hardware virtualization to move a running OS into a virtual machine. She is named ‘Five Hackers who Put a Mark on 2006’ by e-Week Magazine for her research on the topic. Rutkowska also gave an open advice to Vice President of Microsoft's Security Technology Unit to further tighten security on Windows Vista system. She is an elite hacker who an entrepruener who launced her own security services startup Invisible Things Lab in Warsaw, Poland.

Ying is one of the most beautiful hacker and an educator from Shanghai, China. She teaches people the basics of how to start hacking; things like changing your IP address or wiping Office passwords. How did she climb the popularity ladder? It was in an online forum "Chinese Hottie Hackers" posting that got Cracker noticed by gawkers on the internet and created a huge fan base for her. One cannot deny the fact that her work is impressive as well. She's an expert in hacker software writing and charges good money for courses on simple hacking tools, she also charges for helping other people crack software.

Raven graduated from high school at the age of 14 and college at 18. She was the first woman to give a presentation at the DefCon hacker’s conference. Adler an half ISP engineer, half security geek, is a contributing author to several technical books, magazines and a frequent speaker at conferences She designs, tests and audits intrusion detection systems for large federal agencies. She has worked as a Senior Backbone Architect and Senior Security Consultant in IT security. Her interest in securing networks end-to-end has led her to examine and pioneer standards in the security of network infrastructure.

Xiao Tian, just out of her teenage became famous after forming China Girl Security Team, a group of hackers especially for woman which is China's largest today; the group has over 2,200 members. Tian created the now-infamous hacking team because she felt that there was no other outlet for teenage girls like her self in the male-dominated world of hacking. Its time to Move over male Asian nerdy computer geeks, female Asian nerdy computer geeks are here to stay.

Courtesy: SiliconIndia

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