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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 27 Sep 2012
MBA new admission criteria

Until 2011, Rotman School of Managements (University of Toronto), academic admission criteria required that applicants earned a 3.0 GPA in the final year of a four-year undergraduate degree. In India, that 3.0 GPA translates to first class or first division. Sheldon Dookeran, assistant director, MBA Recruitment and Admissions, points out, We have noticed most students who earn a four-year UG degree from India, earn that degree in one of two disciplines: engineering or IT. The four-year degree requirement discouraged strong candidates with academic backgrounds in areas such as commerce, science, communications, arts and humanities from applying. Rotman values the content of arts and science degrees and the potential of those who have earned them.

MBA new admission criteria

Hence, Dookeran added, to increase the diversity of applicants from India and to advance the talent of Indians with arts and science degrees, we now consider candidates with three-year undergraduate degrees. What is the weighting of experience; as far as admissions are concerned Our students contribute valuable experiences, real examples, innovative ideas and industry insights from their professional careers to enrich classroom discussions, case studies and teamwork. So, we place as much relevance on an applicants experience when assessing their candidacy for admission as their GMAT, GPA, interview, references and essays, Dookeran says. Until 2011, the school required that all applicants worked for at least two years for MBA admission.

However, it now recognises the potential of MBA candidates with less than two years of work experience. Also, there is no minimum GMAT score requirement for admission. Instead, when assessing a candidate’s work experience, the admissions committee will focus more on the candidates’ professional accomplishments, achievements, contributions, impact and potential for management. Dookeran recommends that applicants have some work experience, especially international applicants who may not have a network in Toronto as yet. An applicant can receive an offer of admission with less than two years of work providing that they show exceptional strength in other admission criteria.

Courtesy: Times of India

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