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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 27 Sep 2012
India, china top GMAT game

When it comes to the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), the Chinese surpass the rest of us Asians in terms of numbers of examinees – but Indians too have done well in terms of average score reports, sending 4.4 GMAT reports (the highest in the region) to management schools around the world, the the Asian Geographic Trend Report reveals. The report, an analysis of data collected after each examinee completes the GMAT; and score-sending patterns, illustrates which countries and schools are of interest to citizens of various Asian countries.

India, china top GMAT game

Data from the most recent testing year (TY) are compared against data from four years prior to identify changes in examinee preferences. The number of GMAT exams taken by Asian citizens reached an all-time high of 85,551 in testing years 2011. This represents an increase of 47% when compared with TY 2007. Much of regional testing growth can be attributed to Chinese citizens who took 40,069 exams in TY 2011, up from 13,048 in TY 2007. The characteristics of Chinese examinees stand in stark contrast to most regional groups.

They are more likely to be younger women who are interested in pursuing specialised master’s degrees in the United States. Asian citizens sent 289,388 GMAT scores to schools around the world in TY 2011, reflecting an average of 3.4 scores sent per exam taken. This is significantly higher than the global average of 2.9. Indian citizens sent an average of 4.4 score reports, the highest in the region. India was the second highest citizen group in terms of GMAT score reports sent in TY 2011 (112,725) behind China (126,090).

“The significance of the Asian impact on management education is real,” said Dave Wilson, president and chief executive of the Graduate Management Admissions Council, which monitors GMAT. “The flows of graduate management students to, from and within the region have positive benefits for Asian firms as well as multi-national companies that operate there,” he added The proportion of score reports that Indian citizens sent to US programmes fell from 67% in TY 2007 to 55% in TY 2011. Asian citizens sent 289,388 GMAT score reports to business schools around the world in TY 2011. This reflects an average of 3.4 score reports sent per exam taken – much higher than the global average.

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