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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 26 Sep 2012
IIT-M students devise technique to prevent superbugs

Many scientists and experts fear that antibiotic-resistant bacteria, such as the superbug that is rattling the medical community, originate in laboratories. And a team of 11 biotechnology students and one electrical engineering student from IIT Madras has formulated a new technique to grow bacteria without using antibiotics to kill other bacteria types in a bioreactor. In biology, the standard procedure to grow one type of bacteria in a reactor involves making the desired bacteria resistant to an antibiotic and then introducing the toxin to kill all the other bacteria.

IIT-M students devise technique to prevent superbugs

Using genetic engineering, the students extracted the DNA sequence from the proteorhodopsin gene in marine bacteria, modified it to make it more user-friendly for research, and inserted the sequence into E.coli bacteria. The bacteria read the DNA and started producing the proteorhodopsin protein, which is capable of absorbing light and producing energy that it uses to multiply. This means the protein-injected bacteria can multiply in the absence of food - sugar - while others cannot. The energy produced in the cell can also be used to improve the manufacturing process of certain biochemical, said Kousik S, a member of the team.

Courtesy: Times of India



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