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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 26 Sep 2012
Worldwide online judge system

IIIT-Hyderabad has secured first rank with a score of 3263. 29 while IIIT-Allahabad scored 2651. 09. A total of 100 institutions took part in the competition. The institute of Teknologi Sepuluh got third rank, Fudan University-fourth, Shaoxing fifth, NIT Trichy-sixth, MNNIT Allahabad-seven, FER Zagreb-eight, Cairo University-ninth and UCI tenth.

Worldwide online judge system

Dr M D Tiwari, the director IIITA has expressed happiness over the securing second rank and given all credits to his students.
Niraj, B Tech student said that it is a rapidly growing problem-set of about 6600 tasks available for practice 24hours/day in English, Polish, Vietnamese, Portuguese and other languages including many original tasks prepared by the community of expert problem setters associated with the project.
SPOJ is an online judge system with over 100, 000 registered users and over 9000 problems. The solution to problems were submitted in over 40 languages including C, C++, Java, Python, C#, Go, Haskell, Ocaml, F#. SPOJ has a rapidly growing problem set/tasks available for practice 24 hours/day, including many original tasks prepared by the community of expert problem setters associated with the project.

SPOJ allows advanced users to organize contests under their own rules and problems. It also includes a forum where programmers can discuss how they can solve a particular problem. Apart from the English language, SPOJ also offers its content in Polish, Portuguese and Vietnamese languages.
The SPOJ platform is centered around an online judge system, which serves for the automatic assessment of user-submitted programs. Some of its most important features include support for more than 40 programming languages and compilers, including C, C++, Pascal, JAVA, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby, Haskell, Ocaml and esoteric languages.

Courtesy: TImes of India


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