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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 25 Sep 2012
IIT-M takes lead in best practices in teaching

To handle the increase in classsize andengage students from diverse backgrounds, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) on Tuesday set up a centre for teachers to refresh views on teaching and learn best practices from each other.

IIT-M takes lead in best practices in teaching

Some of the measures taken include feedback from students on classes daily and video-graphing themselves lecturing to learn their own strong and weak points.
Speaking at the inauguration of the Teaching Learning Centre on campus, dean of academic courses K Ramamurthy said such a centre was important at IIT where 500faculty members teach 600 courses, where some courses are also handled by several faculties.
Officiating director of IIT-M, V G Idichandy, said, excellent lectures are delivered by our faculty but student-faculty interaction needs to be improved and teachers must make an effort to connect.

Chairman of the Centre for Continuing Education in IIT-M, Ajit Kumar Kolar, said this was the first such centre among IITs, while there were hundreds in the US and a few in China. He said that while many of the ideas were discussed informally at IITs, this was the first time a formal centre was set up. He expressed the hope that it would increase the focus, adding that these eds for the centre were sown 15 years ago by (former director) professor M S Ananth. Various workshops were conducted and around 70 faculty underwent various sessions. Now there are 15 young faculty and five senior lecturers in the centre. I retire in three years. If I had known about some of these concepts 30 years ago I would have been a much better teacher, professor Kolar said.

Jeffrey E Froyd, director of academic development at Texas A&M University who has conducted a few workshops with IIT-M faculty and suggested various measures, said the IIT-M faculty had specifically asked for help on the above issues because the situation was different from what prevailed 10 years ago.
They have tried out a method called minute paper in which students are asked to jot down a point that was clear in the lecture and another that was fuzzy. The teacher would clarify the doubts before starting the lecture the next day. Many faculty told me that this has been very effective, professor Jeffrey said.

First such centre among IITs, while there were many in the US and a few in China They will video-graph themselves lecturing to learn their strong & weak points Centre will improve student-faculty interaction Teachers will also get feedback from students on classes every day

Courtesy: Times of India


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