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Way2k 25 Sep 2012
Students may take Online Exams at Ruparel College

College students may soon be able to attempt tests online. While city colleges are becoming tech-savvy by using technology for an effective administrative use, DG Ruparel College in Matunga is taking a step ahead by introducing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in daily learning and teaching.

Students may take Online Exams at Ruparel College

The reason-they want students to learn at their pace. Other colleges are toying with the idea of having online tests at degree level with the introduction of credit-based evaluation. Several other colleges are toying with the idea of online testing with the new credit-based semester pattern introduced at degree level to reduce the burden on teachers.
Kirti Narain, Principal of Jai Hind College said, "We had several meetings with our teachers to ascertain if it is possible to implement the same and we are still considering it. There are too many changes in the system and online testing will reduce the burden on teachers."

In the recent years, colleges have become tech-savvy by turning their existing libraries into digital ones. They make effective use of text messages to keep a check on attendance and to ensure information on lectures is passed on to all students.

DG Ruparel College is in the process of making use of software to allow students to learn at their own pace. "We are planning to make use of software to show different experiments in science courses. We are making use of technology to ensure that students learn at their own pace in addition to what we teach them in classrooms and laboratories. By using technology we plan to boost their understanding of concepts," said Principal Tushar Desai.

"There are some physics experiments which we must demonstrate. However, if students have the option of conducting the same experiments virtually, they can try out the same in different physical conditions. Dissection of frogs is banned from the syllabus, however, students can get to watch such experiments virtually to understand it better. Chemical reactions, which are hazardous to perform in laboratories, can be demonstrated using these new softwares," added Desai. The college will be making use of existing sites which have many such experiments. "Only a little mapping and re-arranging needs to be done. Therefore, there will not be any cost incurred on students," added the principal. Students also will be able to take tests online topic-wise. "Soon, we might be able to conduct all college exams online," added Desai.

Courtesy: Times of India

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