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Way2k 25 Sep 2012
Success Secrets by Prof. Das

Prof. Das, kindly tell us about the challenges faced by working managers and executives to accelerate the pace of their career development?

Success Secrets by Prof. Das
In any organisation facing simultaneous challenges of intense competitive pressures and growth, those who contribute handsomely in improving current performance in their existing areas of activities and also innovate to discover new processes that can lead to greater competitive advantages in the future, will be the ones who will be building their career successfully. Such success will not be easy to get without right attitude and passion to excel. One also needs business acumen and right managerial skill set. The challenge will be how fast working managers can develop these qualities

What will be your advice to working managers and executives to build a successful career?
Observe successful executives and understand the attitudes and passion they bring to their jobs and ask why others who are unsuccessful fail to do so. Also, be always up to date regarding new practices and techniques that can help in better decision-making, execution and control.

Do you think the working executives need to equip themselves with right skill set and how to use these in their specific setting?
Absolutely, If one wants to be up to date in terms of new practices and managerial decision tools, first step will be to go through a formal management education such as MBA or PGDM. Needless to say, having just an MBA or PGDM will not lead to career success. One needs to apply the concepts learned and also work on further enhancement of skills through self-study and attending specific short-term courses. If one completes a formal MBA or PGDM, the subsequent upgradation of capabilities become easier.

Prof Das, you suggested that managers and executives should acquire business acumen and managerial skills through formal education without actually resigning from their jobs. How is it possible given the fact that most MBA/ PGDM programmes are day programmes? Will you please suggest ways to go about in this regard?
It is a fact that most MBA and PGDM programmes are day programmes and hence are not of use to working people. But now there is good news. The Strategy Academy of which I am the Chairman was set up four years ago to help working executives acquire strategic and general management skills without leaving their jobs. The Academy delivers, using its two-way interactive digital platform, its faculty-led live content to the PC/ Laptops of participants anywhere in India and the world. The Academy has already conducted four post-graduate level autonomous programmes in this way for executives and entrepreneurs. To help working executives further, the Academy has now announced 3 AICTE-UGC recognised MBA and PGDM programmes comprising two two-year MBA/ PGDM and one one-year MBA (specialisation: Strategic Management).
The one-year MBA programme is open only for those who have already done either an MBA or PGDM or a one-year PGDBM. These three MBA/ PGDM programmes will be offered only outside office hours and can be attended from anywhere - office, home or outstation. Interestingly, the participants will not require any special IT facilities or knowledge to access the faculty-led LIVE inputs from their home or office. Since one of the Strategy Missions of the Academy is affordability, the fees charged for both two-year and one-year MBA/ PGDM are far less than most MBA/ PGDM programmes available in India. To my mind, all three MBA/ PGDM programmes have the right combination of content, quality, faculty, convenience and cost.
So, now the working executives have opportunities to do an MBA/ PGDM without leaving their job. The details of these MBA/ PGDM programmes are available on

Courtesy: Education Times

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