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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 24 Sep 2012
Education after a long break - age no bar

Who says that learning after a certain age is impossible today, numerous people pursue education after a long break, discovers Anishaa Sahijwala.

One is the days when learning beyond a certain age was considered funny. Today, a number of Indians realise the importance of education. Deciding to study after a long break may not be an easy decision; but all those who have done so have no regrets. When asked how the experience was, Kavita Takane, an art teacher, recalls the day she decided to study further. "10 years post marriage, I secured a temporary job as an art teacher at a school in South Mumbai. However, since didn't have the necessary qualifications, I couldn't continue teaching. That's when I decided that I must study further. I applied for an Art Teacher's Diploma at the JJ School of Arts. Thanks to my family's support, I am now a qualified teacher," she expresses.

Education after a long break - age no bar

On being asked how the first day at college was, the feedback was diverse. "When I entered class, students stood up and wished me. They thought I was their professor. That's when I got a little conscious. But as time passed, I learned to think differently; I am no longer narrow-minded, "recalls Takane. Sanjay Inamdar, an engineer by profession, pursued his Masters in Public Administration from the Howard University after a 20-year break. He humbly shares his experience saying," I hail from Satara and completed my schooling in Marathi. That's where the real challenge began. When you're young, your parents want you to study, to earn a living. However, for me, it was more of learning and making a difference than merely looking for a good job.
I relived my days at college. Right from giving my GMAT to attending lectures and giving my exam, I went through it all. I was surprised to know that, I was not the only one who decided to study further, "he shares. Since the sail is not easy, family support is what matters the most." My husband cooked for a year. While I was at college, he took care of my three year-old son. His support and confidence in me has changed my life completely," says Leena Gupta, who pursued a diploma in jewellery designing. Grasping and remembering what you've learned after a long break gets difficult.

What you make of your qualification is entirely in your hands. While most of them study further to earn a living, a few of them do so to give back to the society. Inamdar, along with a good friend began the Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. "I wanted to serve the society. A part of what you achieve must be shared. Since most Indians wrongly perceive leadership, we thought of changing people's perspective towards it. It only helps create a healthy atmosphere," speaks Inamdar.
Why you choose to study further, is entirely your decision. The most important point is to learn, to break the ice. Remember, it's never too late.

Courtesy: Times of India

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