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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 22 Sep 2012
Entrance Exams Test Relevance of HSC

For many urban, middleclass teenagers, the importance of the HSC examination is a bit like the emperor’s new clothesit doesn't exist. It’s one of those open secrets that parents and teachers aren't too keen on discussing, for fear that students won’t take their exams seriously. The truth is, over a decade ago, the HSC exam was possibly the most important examination in your life. It dictated the future course of your career as well as the field you wanted to join. Today, the exam has little bearing on what you want to do in life. Around 10 years ago, when entrance to medical and engineering institutions was based on the students HSC scores, it was imperative to score well at the exam. Today, with most professional courses conducting their own entrance tests, there is little need for sky-high marks at the HSC exam.

Entrance Exams Test Relevance of HSC

The Council of CHSE was formed to regulate, control and develop Higher Secondary Education in the State of Orissa. Though the administrative function council commenced from 7 September 1982, in a rented building at Goutam Nagar, Bhubaneswar. But after some years the council constructed its own administrative building in Samantapur, Bhubaneswar and started functioning in its own Infrastructure from 2 January 1996. The new name of the campus is being christened as Prajnapitha.

As for those who want to pursue bachelors, getting into degree college is not too tough, especially since colleges have to take in all in-house students who appeared for the HSC exam from the same college. Recently, a student got into one of the most coveted science courses at a popular city college, despite scoring only 45% at the HSC, because she was from the same college.

When it comes to the science stream, so many in-house students leave college after Class 12 to join a professional course that there are several seats left for students from other colleges as well. The weekend before the HSC exam, I spent half the day revising for the Common Entrance Test (CET). While I am very nervous about how I perform at the CET, the HSC really doesn't worry me too much. I've seen the kind of tension that my brother went through while giving the exams eleven years ago. I am far more relaxed than he was, says Daksh Joshi, a student who gave the HSC exams this year.

In addition to the fact that the exam itself is gradually losing its value, Praveen Tyagi, managing director of an IIT coaching class, feels that the level of knowledge tested in the HSC is very basic and the questions asked are extremely easy for bright students who are preparing for competitive exams. Dr. Nirmala Rao, a psychiatrist, has also noticed a decrease in the number of students who seek counseling before the HSC exam. She, however, hastens to add that students are under a great deal of pressure, especially from their parents. While students themselves feel there are many options available for them, their parents insist on them scoring well at the HSC exam, she adds. Rao cautions students against taking the HSC too lightly. She recalls a couple of instances where students got great scores in the CET for engineering, but scored less than 50% at the HSC, and were unable to qualify for an engineering college.

Courtesy: Times of India

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