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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 21 Sep 2012
First Salary Expectation

Negotiation of salary is more often a question raised at the interview. It is a skill which should be dealt with carefully, diplomatically and calmly, unless one is in a position of authority which, in the case of a candidate may be his/her exceptional competence and super-specialization, in a negotiation pressing a partisan advantage to its self centered bitter end will prove self defeating and counter productive. Therefore in a situation where a candidate is bargaining it should be a win-win situation.

First Salary Expectation

There are three important things and tips to be kept in view at an interview where salary expected is raised:

  • Do not initiate the question of expected salary. It will come to you from the employer.
  • It is your first formal interview where you will have to prove yourself worthy of a salary you are asking for. And proving yourself means:
    1. Exuding self confidence through both your speech and external visible aspect of your personality i.e. your, gait posture and carriage. The more you impress by your communication and skills the better are the chances of salary package getting negotiated closer to your demand.
    2. In the absence of any work experience which would indicate your abilities in action and could negotiate more in your favor, you have to be more accommodating and resilient.
    3. You may be concerned about your apprehension of offering your services for less than what you are worth. This concern need not disturb you much as you are making just a start. So while money is quite important, gaining experience is no less significant for you in the immediate as well as distant future. So if you are being interviewed by a good company, work experience in which is a road to better opportunities in future, do not be rigid about pay package.
  • Salary negotiation can substantially turn in your favor if the following are observed in letter and spirit:
    1. That you have complete information about the company you are being interviewed by viz. the company’s working, manufacturing, marketing, expansion, even ownership etc. Nothing sounds sweeter than listening to the interviewer about the detail of the company.
    2. Stay well informed about the current events and happenings around you so that you must appear to be a person of wide and enlightened awareness.
    3. As in any other interaction between human beings, politeness with respectful listening and speaking pays. Keep smiling as a smile is infectious. Everybody has a hunger for respect and if you give it for no damages you are very likely to be compensated.
    4. Keep in mind that while you are being interviewed for the first time, and the interviewer has interacted with candidate’s number of times. Therefore he is more experienced to judge you for the real and fake. He has better perspective to understand what you are talking about and with what degree of honesty. So be honest, sincere and do not brag nor show off.
    5. Know it that in the pay package variables which are based on performance and stock options are offered. Understand them well and then negotiate. Besides there are different allowances and perks over and above the basic salary. Knowing all this well and in depth will prepare you better to deal with salary component of the job. The only thing to be taken note of with caution is that quite often a company tries to employ a person at the least cost.

In the course of interaction with you over salary package, the interviewer is also observing your negotiating skill, which companies require in their employees. Negotiations are necessitated within a team between team members, between teams, with clients, suppliers etc. So be discreet, tactful and present your case forcefully but with sound reasons and politeness. Don't be rude. 

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