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By Way2k Way2k
Way2k 6 Sep 2012
Thing to remember before an exam

Most students are nervous before the exam and as a result they often forget absolutely necessary stuff for the exam.

Thing to remember before an exam
Here is a list of things you need to check before going for an exam. Basically it is an exam checklist, containing things that you should and should not carry while going for an exam.

    1. Examination venue: Please check the hall ticket for the examination venue and adjust your time accordingly so that you reach the examination hall at least half an hour before the exam. Reaching exam hall early helps you calm your nerves and stables you mind so that you can perform well in the exam.
  2. Hall Ticket: Hall ticket is the most important item that you need to carry when you go for an exam. You cannot enter the exam centre without hall ticket. Don’t forget to keep your hall ticket with you and keep it safe. Do not misplace it.
    NOTE - To be on the safer side take a photocopy of hall ticket as soon as you get it.
   3. Check your time table: Do check your time table. Make sure that it stays in your mind. Check it again at least a week before the exam. Confirm the timetable else you could be in doldrums. Get a hard copy of the time table and attach it at a prominent location, like a soft board or any other place where it can be in front of your eyes.
    4. No electronic gadgets: Students are reminded that mobile phones and electronic devices such as digital organisers, MP3 players, iPod etc. are not permitted in the examination hall under any circumstances.
    5. Stationery items: Make sure to carry all the required stationary for your exam. You are expected to take pens (check refill and its ink), pencils, sharpener and erasers and a ruler marked in millimeters and centimeters, for all exams.
    6. Watch is important: Managing time during the exam hours is extremely important to answer all the questions in time. So do take a watch with you so that you can time your answers. Watches with built in scientific calculators are not allowed.
    7. Water bottle and hanky: Writing continually can exhaust you. You need to drink water in the intervals. A sip of water refreshes you & enhances your thinking power. Hanky is also important as many students perspire while writing a paper.


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