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after BHMS dgree what next we can do?
Friday, March 30, 2012
3:27:12 PM


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Hi can u pls tell me what is the currier option after doing BHMS degrre in India n abroad?what is the procedure?which are the colleges?
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Re: after BHMS dgree what next we can do?
Saturday, March 31, 2012
11:56:52 AM


By : way2kCounselor
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Private and Government sector firms dealing with medicines and pharmaceuticals provide numerous opportunities for graduates of BHMS. There are private hospitals and research centres which provide job opportunities. The BHMS graduates with experience can also start institutes in homeopathy. Many private colleges hire graduates in BHMS for various posts.

Some of the career options after BHMS are in-

1.Private Medical colleges
3.Private Practice
4.Research Laboratories
6.Homoeopathic Medicine Store
7.Life sciences Industry
8.Pharma industry

Some of the government sector jobs are as follows-

1.Pharmacist at Government Homeopathic Dispensaries (GAD) & Hospitals
2.Teaching in Government colleges and Homeopathy Institutes after doing B.H.M.S

There are many research institutions abroad which are looking for well educated graduates in BHMS from India. This is because many foreign countries find Indian graduates with good talent and dedication towards the profession. Today every country is concerned about health and ready to spend enough money on this particular field. It will be very easy to get an opportunity in the foreign country, if the students have any additional qualification in the medical field along with BHMS.

In case you wish to study further you can explore options in clinical research, Diploma course in hospital administration/ health care management, MBA in Hospital management, MD homeopathy, M.Sc Anatomy or M. Sc Dental Materials. While some reputed medical colleges are offering MD courses in Hospital Administration, Madurai Kamraj University and some other institutes have also started offering 2-year full time MBA course in Hospital Administration. The Indian Society of Health Administrators (ISHA) offers one year Distance Learning Program in hospital administration and nursing administration. The Tamil Nadu Open University also offers 2-year distance learning MBA in Hospital Administration.

For more detail visit on - or

For any doubt feel free to contact on Helpline No.- 0976700112 or visit on

Good Luck!
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